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Transform into a Digital Company to Create Satisfied Customers & Higher Profits

Companies through Industry 4.0 are digitizing their assets to make better decisions faster.Better faster decisions improve the experience of employees, customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders which leads to more satisfied customers and higher profits.

A core element is digital mapping.

Note: Industry 4.0 represents the growing trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing and business generally. It is also being called the 4th Industrial revolution

Digital Mapping for Asset Protection/Optimization

By digitally mapping offices, factories and facilities, companies can speed access to asset data, improve layouts and traffic flows with the end goal of improving revenues while reducing overhead and risk.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast data capture which does not interfere with current production/workflow

  • Faster access and inventory of all space for logistics/production and asset planning

  • Virtual “walk through” access to facilities from anywhere

  • As built data vs. planned builds for more accurate decisions

  • More accurate calculation of leasing space for commercial leasing

  • Design faster and more client centric traffic flows

Key Application Areas We Service

We principally focus on 5 key areas

Our Typical Consulting Project Workflow

  1. Data collection: indoor mapping with a 3D Laserscan.

  2. Data processing: manipulating the data for best effect

  3. Set up an application for viewing/managing the assets –using Point Clouds and Points of Interest (POI), System Integration into SAP, CAFM, BIM etc.

  4. Training and optimizing data usage.

Application Examples

Indoor scanning is starting to be widely used across many industries: Aerospace, Rail, Automotive,IT/Telecom/Data Center, Defense, Energy, Food, Healthcare, Insurance, Medical, Real Estate and Retail.

  • Companies use it to scan all corporate assets (buildings, factories and warehouses) and have full access to all facilities from any location. Floor plans, slices, views, location plans tie into Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) for better planning, logistics, organization and execution.

  • Indoor location and navigation applications: e.g. Las Vegas hotels or big shopping centers.

  • Real estate companies get accurate rentable area calculation based on BOMA, ANSI, GIF/DIN standards.

  • Disaster /Evacuation Apps: escape plans on mobile device for facilities like hotels or public access buildings.

  • Medical companies that need to produce locally can duplicate production systems and transfer best practices and standardization.

  • Construction sites can monitor as-built vs. plan progress in real time.

  • Real estate companies use it to give potential clients a 360 view of the office/facility or home.

  • Insurance companies use this technology for asset scanning.

  • Mission critical building managers can support onsite repair and maintenance for outside technicians and suppliers with a Navigation App. Managers can increase operational efficiency by monitoring ambient and free air in the white space and controlling energy costs.

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