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Ground Fast™: Heel & Toe Grounding Clip

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Ground Fast™ Features

• Flush surface mounting

• Fast snap-in or solder attachment

• Fast removal of lid from panel

• High closure force

• High tensile strength

Device Technologies' Ground-Fast™ grounding system quickly attaches a lid or cover to a panel protecting printed circuit boards and electronic components. The fastener combines mounting clips, which quickly snap into holes to create an electrical ground contact from the lid to the panel.


  • 304 Stainless Steel

Electrical Resistivity:

  • 28.4μΩ-in. @ 68°F (72μΩ-cm @ 20°C)

Mounting Dimensions:

  • Clip Hole Diameter: 0.180 in. (4.57 mm)
  • Panel Thickness: 0.060 in. (1.52 mm)

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