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Wire Protection Grommet Edging



Spring-Fast is the fastest, safest, and most reliable way to protect wires and cables from abrasion. The nylon clad, stainless steel substrate assures a durable and high performance grommet edging in hostile environments such as immersion, shock and vibration, salt spray, high and low relative humidity, and low temperatures are unsurpassed. One product does it all.

Spring-Fast Tools


DTi offers a variety of tools to cut, measure, and apply Spring-Fast grommet and Trim-Fast™ edge trim.

Spring-Fast Military


Spring-Fast Military wire protection grommet edging is a continuous edge protection solution to prevent wires and cables from chaffing. In service worldwide aboard numerous tactical platforms from helicopters, fighter jets, military transports, business jets and general aviation aircraft to a variety of naval ships, DOD ground based and missile systems. Spring-Fast Military products available are U.S. Dept. of Defense and FAA approved per NASM 22529/1, NASM 22529/2 and National Stock Numbers per Federal Supply Code 5325.

Spring-Fast Aerospace


Spring-Fast BAP Aerospace Series Flexi Wire Protection Grommet® Series is a continuous edge protection solution to prevent wires and cables from chaffing. It has all the attributes of the "T" and "BT" Series, but has greater gripping strength for severe shock and vibration environments with 4-axis flexibility. Airborne on General Aviation and Tactical Aircraft applications the BAP Series grommet edging is well suited for the versatile requirements from avionics racks to lightening holes.



The Trim-Fast Edge Trim materials offer a fast and easy assembly to rough panel edges in a variety of environments. Typical construction of CRS (cold rolled steel) and SST (stainless steel) substrates witha variety of high performance encapsulating extruded polymers in Silicone, EPDM, or PVC to provide superior insertion and extraction. Industry standars include FMVSS 302, UL94, FAR25, ASTM and FDA approval to meet flammability, smoke, toxicity, weathering, temperature, food service equipment and other application requirements. Modest NRE and Prep charges offer customized solutions with quick turnaround.

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