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Consulting Services

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Companies through Industry 4.0 are digitizing their assets to make better decisions faster. 
This will improve the experience of their organization’s employees, customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders which creates more satisfied customers and higher profits.
A core element is digital mapping…read more

Linear Reel to Reel

Linear Reel to Reel Polymer Coating

Our unique reel-to-reel process applies thermoset and thermoplastic resins such as nylon, epoxy, and polyester to linear substrates such as wire, cable, strip and precision stampings.
The polymer coating can be applied…read more

Custom Solutions

Collaborative and Custom Design Engineering Service

We can provide custom value added solutions to customers for grommet edging wire protection, cable management, enclosure seals/trim, EMI Shielding or fastening.
We use a functional analysis method working directly with the customer selecting the best value alternative for…read more
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