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Digital Transformation Manufacturing Services

For More Satisfied Customers & Higher Profits

Device Technologies will help you digitize your assets to enable better and faster decisions
that will translate to:

• More efficient production flow
• More satisfied customers
• Higher profits

A core element of this is our advanced indoor digital mapping technology. DTi can digitally map factories, production facilities, QC labs and offices and help you use the data effectively and profitably.


Key Benefits
  • Fast data capture – minimum interference with production/workflow
  • Faster access & inventory of all space for production workflow/logistics and asset planning
  • Virtual “walk through” access to facilities from anywhere
  • As-built data vs. planned builds for more accurate decisions
  • More accurate calculation of production manufacturing space for capacity optimization
  • Enables faster and more client centric traffic flows


Key Application Areas We Service
Typical DTi Consulting Project Workflow


Application Examples

Aerospace, Rail, Automotive, IT/Telecom/Data Centers, Defense, Energy, Food, Healthcare, Insurance, Medical, Real Estate and Retail

• Link buildings scans to Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) for better planning & execution.
• Indoor location and navigation applications: e.g. Component production and sub assembly to final assembly logistics and flow.
• Medical companies can duplicate production systems and transfer best practices and standardization.
• Construction sites can monitor as-built vs. plan progress in real time.
• Real estate companies: accurate rentable area calculation based on BOMA, ANSI, GIF/DIN standards.
• Disaster/Evacuation Apps: escape plans on mobile devices for factories and buildings.
• Insurance companies use this technology for asset scanning.
• Building managers with a Navigation App. can support onsite repair and maintenance contractors.
• Increase operational efficiency: monitor ambient & free air in the white space – to control energy costs.

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