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Ground Fast™: Grounding Panel Fastener
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Ground-Fast:  Grounding Panel Fastener

Ground Fast™: Grounding Panel Fastener

Device Technologies’ Ground-Fast Grounding Panel Fastener can be used to attach panels and create a grounding system to protect critical electronic systems. The panel fastener quickly attaches a lid or cover to a panel or flat panels together, protecting critical electronic components and systems that can be damaged from impact or electronic interference. The fastener combines mounting clips, which quickly snap into holes to create a positive attachment and electrical ground contact.


  • 304 Stainless Steel

Electrical Resistivity:

  • 28.4μΩ-in. @ 68°F (72μΩ-cm @ 20°C)

Ground-Fast Features

  • Flush surface mounting
  • Fast snap attachment
  • Fast removal of lid from panel
  • High closure force
  • High tensile strength
Ground Fast™: Grounding Panel Fastener
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