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Linear Reel to Reel Polymer Coating

The Device Technologies (DTi) linear polymer coating system is a unique reel-to-reel process that applies thermoset and thermoplastic resins such as nylon, epoxy, and polyester to linear substrates such as wire, cable, strip and precision stampings. The polymer coating can be applied to the entire surface or selectively to part of the surface to create functional finishes, and/or decorative finishes.

Functional finishes include end products that require durable surface protection for electrical insulation or corrosion resistance. For example, polymer coating is used to provide electrical insulation on magnet wire used in large transformers. A corrosion resistance example is strip steel that is coated with a nylon powder to prevent corrosion in a salt air environment.

Decorative polymer coating finishes are also durable and can be used to create virtually any color as well as special effects.

DTi has the capability to coat linear stampings either completely or partially. Let us provide a turnkey stamped part for you, or allow us to polymer coat the stamped material that you provide.

•  Reel-to-reel polymer coating
•  Stamping
•  Roll forming


Typical Products for Linear Coating Service:
•  Strip Steel
•  Wire Rope and Cable
•  Magnet Wire (Copper and Aluminum)
•  Stamped Metals
•  Chain

Coatings available:
•  Thermoplastics such as Nylon and Polyethylene
•  Thermosets such as Epoxy, Hybrids and Polyester

Device Technologies Free Sample Kit
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