3/11/1999 – A composite grommet edging material that can reduce installation cost and provide added protection against cable damage will be introduced in Europe at the Paris Air Show.

Spring-Fast® Grommet Edging, from U. S. company Device Technologies, Inc., stays in place without adhesive.

The material has been designated as a standard replacement part for civil aircraft by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. It has been shown, through extensive U. S. Military Standard, and independent laboratory testing to resist shock, vibration, salt spray, immersion, chemicals, oil and wide temperature extremes.

Spring-Fast® has been used successfully to protect cables from chafing in numerous aerospace manufacturing and maintenance applications (including fuselage, wing and rib sections, helicopters, avionics and electronics bays) and in assembly of medical and telecommunications equipment, computers and peripherals.

“Whenever wiring or cables pass through openings in sheet metal there is potential for abrasion and failure as the insulation comes in contact with sharp edges,” said Hector Petri, company Technical Director. “Spring-Fast solves the three most common problems associated with the plastic grommets traditionally used to prevent such damage: installation is quick and easy, the material does not become brittle over time and there is no glue to fail in use.”

Snaps Into Place Without Gluing

Because it mechanically locks onto any two-axis contour with finger pressure instead of toxic and messy adhesives, the materialÕs installed cost is lower than competing methods. It is made of spring-tempered stainless steel coated with thermosetting polymer resin. Less time is required and there are no environmental concerns associated with degreasing solvents or other toxic chemicals. Spring-Fast® is designed for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM/A).

Once mounted, the produce remains firmly in place indefinitely. It includes a polymer cushion that helps prevent wear and damage to insulation.

The material provides a smooth, nonconductive surface on inside angles, outside angles, oval slots, irregular holes and other configurations. It is supplied on 25-foot, 100-foot and 500-foot (7.6m, 30.5m and 152m) reels or in specified lengths cut at the factory. Several sizes accommodate sheet thicknesses from .025 inch (.6mm) to .260 inch (6.6mm).

Founded in 1984, Device Technologies, Inc. of Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA is appointing local representatives to support its expansion in Europe and the Middle East.

Spring-Fast grommet edging has received the following approvals from agencies of the United State Government:

FAA Approval Letter, December 18, 1998

FAR 21.303

FAR 25.853, Flammability

NASM22529 Grommet Edging

NASM22529/1 Grommet, Composite Edging

NASM22529/2 Grommet, Cushion, Composite, Edging

MIL-STD-1344A Random Shock & Vibration

MIL-STD-810E Humidity Method 507.3 and Low Temperature Method 502.3

MIL-STD-202, Method 101D Salt Spray

MIL-STD-202, Method 214A Random Vibration

Details and additional independent laboratory test results available on request.

Spring-Fast is a registered trademark of Device Technologies, Inc. Caption:

Spring-Fast composite grommet material stays in place without adhesive, protecting cables from abrasion on sheet metal edges.

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