1/1/1998 – Made of polymer coated stainless steel, Spring-Fast® Cushion Grommets protect cables from abrasion and meet UL94V0. Spring-Fast Cushion Grommets, covered with a nonflammable polymer cushion, are durable, smooth and conformal. The 300 Series Spring Stainless Steel core provides strength and flexibility on any two-axis contours. The Polymer cushion provides a nonabrasive, sacrificial layer, passing over sharp corners and rough edges for wires, cables and hoses. Easy to install, Spring-Fast® Cushion Grommets simply snap on . The tight gripping spring fingers along the edging eliminate the need for toxic and labor intensive adhesives.

Initially developed for the fiber optic telecommunications industry, Spring-Fast® Cushion Grommets are now being specified in computer equipment, power supplies and medical equipment.

Supplied in custom cut lengths, kits or 25 and 100-foot reels, Spring-Fast® Cushion Grommets are available in 8 sheet thicknesses ranging from .025″ to .250″.

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