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Our Team

Nick Petri

President & CEO     Tel:  +1 508 229 2000, ext 160     Email:

With over 28 years of OEM sales applications and engineering experience, it is important to lead a staff that has the skills needed to understand customer requirements, and designs the correct solution while providing the right support, development and implementation.  Additionally, alignment with critical and strategic suppliers has allowed us to provide unique and specialized performance capabilities.

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Janet O’Neill

Controller & Office Manager     Tel:  +1-508 229 2000, ext 140     Email:

As an integral part of the organization, I am approaching my 20th year committed to DTi with ongoing involvement in management, quality control, business decisions and human resources.  Our primary focus is to deliver exceptional customer service, meet tight deadlines, and create the best solutions for our clients.  Success in any business is contingent on many factors, and the most important are to be able to react quickly to changes in the environment or economy, to recognize opportunities, and to always deliver the highest quality products along with superb customer service.

Steven O’Loughlin

Technical Sales Manager     Tel:  +1 508 229 2000, ext 250     Email:

Over 20 years, my role has been to collaborate with customers and the technical sales team and provide application engineering to develop and implement new engineered products as well as renovating existing solutions by enhancing performance, reliability and quality.  An essential element of my responsibility is to build relationships with clients, suppliers and team members based on trust and commitment.  Also, it is vital to understand the customer’s business model so the team can recommend and implement the correct solutions for the client’s needs.

Meike Kurzak

Chief Digital Officer & Strategic Market Development Executive     Tel:  +49 40 350 85 128     Email:

My responsibilities include managing DTi device technologies GmbH, DTi’s European office in Hamburg, and focus on Management Consulting as Chief Digital Officer with our Digital Transformation Services.  Our focus is to provide critical support to existing customers in their designs and assemblies while sharing our USA successes across the European theater in critical industries such as Aerospace & Defense / Rail / Automotive / Energy / Telecom & IT / Medical / Food / Gaming / Oil & Gas.     Read more.

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