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Protect-Fast™ Braided Sleeving & Wrap

Protect-Fast Braided Sleeving and Wrap

Protect-Fast Braided Sleeving and Wrap efficiently protects wires, wire harnesses, bundles of cable or hoses from abrasion and cutting. It is a tough, lightweight containment and protection solution that also makes troubleshooting and refitting easier. Select from General Use or Advanced Use to suit your application.

Provides tough & efficient protection from abrasion & cutting for most situations.

Protects in challenging conditions, high temperature, chemical and flame exposure.

Protect-Fast Features

  • Sleeving expands 150% and wraps have a 25% overlap
  • Medium to high abrasion resistance
  • High corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Wide operating temperature range to meet your needs
  • Flammability rating FAR 25 & UL VW-1
  • Melt temperature 210ºC to 350ºC
  • Low and medium outgassing
  • Easy cutting with hot knife
  • Available in many colors