Food Processing Equipment
The original design specified a fabricated spacer with a snap-in plastic grommet between the computer interface and the chassis of the vat. This spacer was designed to protect the computer interface from the heat from the vat. The temperature around the spacer could get as hot as 200 degrees.

Food Processing Equipment During the 100 unit prototype period the customer saw the plastic grommet fail. The grommet melted causing a mess behind the computerized interface. The problem became so bad that they had to recall the entire spacer and replace it with a new spacer using Device Technologies Spring-Fast® grommet edging. The parts were recalled and the cost for using the wrong grommet in the prototype units was roughly $100 each.

Why Spring-Fast
First of all, the grommet edging was able to withstand their 200 degree F requirement without melting. Secondly, they were able to buy lengths cut to exact size. This helped with installation costs. Lastly, engineering knew they had specified a safe and reliable grommet.