Polymer Coating & Magnet Wire

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Polymer Wire Coating:

DTi offers effective low cost reel to reel polymer coating. The coating can impart a range of functional and decorative benefits such as electrical insulation, abrasion resistance, UV light protection, corrosion resistance, anti-reflection or simply added color.  Areas of the parts can also be selectively coated.


  •  Creates thicker coatings with no running or sagging.
  •  Zero or near zero VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) – lowers costs.
  •  95% powder utilization vs. only 40-60% for liquids – lowers costs.
  •  Less hazardous waste disposal vs. liquids – lowers costs.
  •  Our process increases output, speeds production and drives down costs.

Key Features:

  •  Polyimide and polyester resins with thermoset or thermoplastic qualities (e.g., epoxy, hybrids and polyester) or thermoplastic qualities (e.g., nylon and polyethylene).
  •  Profiles from flat wire, strip metals, precision stampings and cable and materials.
  •  Materials: stainless steel, aluminum and copper.
  •  Dimensions: from 0.010” thickness, 1.00” wide and 0.187” circumference.
  •  We can also fabricate, pre-stamp, and roll form the substrate.
  • ISO and ASTM inspection checks include crosshatch adhesion, mandrel bend and adhesion testing.

We are experts and use the technology for Spring-Fast®, the top polymer coated grommet edging brand, which protects wiring against chafe, arcing and sparking.  Spring-Fast is used in high performance arenas such as aerospace (because at 30,000 feet and 700mph+ wiring can’t chafe and cause data loss or fires) and NASCAR (where the grommet edging has to withstand heat, shock and vibration from cars racing at 200 mph). The coating is an integral part of that performance.

A sample of other applications for our coating technology:

  •  Traditional “magnet wire”
  •  Polymer coated grommets for abrasion resistance and edge retention.
  •  Corrosion resistant metal banding – used by utilities to hold transformers onto poles/street lights.
  •   “Down hole slick lines” corrosion resistant lines used for tool and sample retrieval in oil drill shafts.
  •  Theatre wire coated with a non reflective coating to avoid distracting light reflection.
  •  Selectively applied insulation on small precision metal stampings such as mobile phone antennas.
  •  Marine and exterior corrosion resistant steel wire ties.
  •  Corrosion resistant stainless steel fishing line.

Selective Coating: DTi can control where and how much material is applied to a substrate.  This is very useful to the electronics industry where some metal substrates need both a conductive and insulated/dielectric surface – the bottom/sides can be insulated and the top is a grounding point.

Collaboration: We will work with you to meet your performance needs and budget and can recommend polymer formulations and methodology.  Production is tested to the ISO (International Standards Organization) inspection criteria prescribed by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards, including crosshatch adhesion, mandrel bend and adhesion testing. If you have a need to coat wire, strip or stamped components that can run reel-to-reel, please contact us here.

Alternate Polymer Wire Coating:

While powder coating is a core technology, we also offer other coating services ranging from traditional ‘enamel’ magnet wire to Kapton tape wrapping.  These are custom order items.  Please call DTi for details at 508-229-2000, ext. 210.