Wire Protection Grommet Edging

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Top performance * 49% Savings * 9.5x Productivity Gain

Spring-Fast Grommet Edging protects wires and cables from chafing and arcing with:

  • Superior performance: encapsulated spring steel core outperforms glued-on nylon grommets.
  • Snap on installation: lowers costs 49% vs. grommets with glue.  Watch the 4 min. video above.
  • Improved efficiency: 9.5x – due to fewer steps in workflow.
  • Nylon clad steel substrate assures high performance in normal or hostile conditions
  • 12 Spring-Fast Series from High Heat to Military Spec are available.  Call for custom solutions.

Applications: edge protection across multiple industries – HVAC, Food Service, Servers/datacenters, Energy/Power

General Aviation Applications: avionics racks, fuselage edges, ribs & lightening holes.

New NASM22529/3 has multi axis flexibility -perfect for flanged edges, lightening holes & penetrations.

Applications: C4 systems, land-based E-shelters, tactical equipment & DoD missile systems.

Grommet Differentiation Table (GDT)

Grommet SeriesCastle GeometryFlexibilityPolymer CoatingExtra Cushion100% TPE EncapsulationHigh HeatMil SpecApplication MethodNotes
TAlternating2 axisYesNoNo285°F/140°CNoSnap on/No adhesiveNo cure time delay
BTAlternating2 axisYesYes No185°F/85°CNoSnap on/No adhesiveNo cure time delay
AP OpposingMulti axisYesNoNo285°F/140°CNoSnap on/No adhesiveNo cure time delay
FM OpposingMulti axisYesNoNo285°F/140°CNoSnap on/No adhesive1 side flush
No cure time delay
BAP OpposingMulti axisYesYes No285°F/140°CNoSnap on/No adhesiveNo cure time delay
SL OpposingMulti axisYesNoYes203°F/95°CNoSnap on/No adhesiveNo cure time delay
SL-FST OpposingMulti axisYesNoYes194°F/90°CNoSnap on/No adhesiveEN45545-2/NFPA130 compliant
No cure time delay
NASM22529/1Alternating2 axisYesNoNo285°F/140°CYesSnap on/No adhesiveNo cure time delay
NASM22529/2Alternating2 axisYesYes No185°F/85°CYesSnap on/No adhesiveFAA Acceptable
No cure time delay
NASM22529/3 OpposingMulti-axisYesYes No285°F/140°CYesSnap on/No adhesiveFAA Acceptable
No cure time delay
High Heat (AP) OpposingMulti axisUncoatedNoNo800°F/427°CNoSnap on/No adhesiveNo cure time delay
High Heat (FM) OpposingMulti axisUncoatedNoNo800°F/427°CNoSnap on/No adhesive1 side flush
No cure time delay
MS21266 Nylon Opposing2 axisNAYes NA257°F/125°CYesAdhesive Required8-24hr cure time delay
MS21266 Teflon Opposing2 axisNAYes NA527°F/275°CYesAdhesive Required8-24hr cure time delay

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  • Edge trim with fast and easy application and removal.
  • Protects against rough panel edges in a variety of environments.
  • Steel substrates encapsulated with silicone, EPDM, or PVC.
  • Compliant with: FMVSS 302, UL94, FAR25, ASTM and FDA approvals.

Tools to cut, measure and apply Spring-Fast and Trim-Fast™

Tools available: Installation roller, full by-pass shears, castle removal, measuring scale, go-no go sizing gauge


Plastic Edging – Grommet Edging

The traditional names for these products vary, but to name a few:  plastic grommets, plastic edge protection, flexible edging, rubber edging trim, rubber edge trim, wire grommets, caterpillar grommets, railroad track grommets, chicken track grommets, cable bushings, cable pass-throughs and cable grommets.

Cables or wires passing through or over sheet metal, rigid plastic or composite frames can suffer abrasion from sharp edges. This can break down the electrical insulation and cause a range of problems from data loss or complete lack of functionality to arcing and possibly catastrophic fires.

Traditionally, simple molded plastic edging grommets have been used to prevent this.  The most common is the old MS21266 and/or BACG20Z in Nylon or PTFE. These have no retentive strength unto themselves with installation procedures requiring an adhesive application which is labor intensive, costly in time and has safety issues (VOC’s) due to the solvents and glues.  Further, over time, the glue and nylon grommet will degrade, become embrittled and fall out.  The Spring-Fast family of grommet edging outperforms the traditional nylon grommet strips and does it at a lower installed cost in a fraction of the time.