DTi-Ti: Cable Ties

DTi-Ti: Cable Ties

DTi-Ti: Cable Ties
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Device Technologies offers DTi-Ti's, high quality cable ties used to bundle and secure cables. Our cable ties are a combination of RoHS compliant and UL and Mil Spec approved products. Tested and approved to standards such as the National and Canadian Electrical Code, our high quality cable tie products are offered in a wide variety of colors, styles, sizes, and options.

The Low Profile Cable Ties have a low profile head preventing snagging when the cable is pulled through a hole. The low profile design eliminates sharp edges, common in most Cable Ties.

The Push-Mount Cable Ties are different than all other cable ties for a mounting device because of their innovative design. Their design delivers a “one-piece” assembly for quick snap-in mounting. To increase worker safety and cover edge burrs, Push-Mount’s low profile head is trimmed at the end of the tie so it ‘nests’ out of the way.

DTi-Ti Features

  • Fast and Easy Assembly
  • RoHS Compliant
  • UV Resistant
  • Flame Retardant per UL94 V-2 and UL94 V-0
  • Tensile Strength Ranges from 12 lbs to 250 lbs
  • Operating Temperature Ranges from -112° F to 900° F (-112° C to 482° C)
  • Mil Spec Approved per MS3367
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use