DTi-Ti: Hook & Loop Strap

DTi-Ti: Hook & Loop Strap

DTi-Ti: Hook & Loop Strap
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The Hook and Loop cable management strap is a self-gripping fastener that offers a neat and secure way to bundle cables and cords. The Hook and Loop Strap wraps around cables and latches on its opposing side for secure containment. The Hook and Loop Strap is made from UL94 flammability rated material.


  • Automotive
  • Cable Management
  • Fiber Management
  • Data Center Installations
  • Gaming Equipment
  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical Equipment
  • Appliances

Packaging: Perforated lengths on reels of 600 ft. Custom sizes available.
Material: Polypropylene hook laminated to a Nylon hoop.
Color: Black


  • Flame retardant per UL 94-V2
  • Burn resistance per MVSS 302
  • Fire and smoke resistant per FAR 25.853 F, part (a), (I), (i) vertical 60 second burn and (ii) 12 second burn.
  • Acceptance per NEC 300-22, paragraph (c) and (d)
  • Load capacity: 18lbs
  • Contact area: 0.75in2 (4.84cm2)