Fiber and Cable Management Solutions

Device Technologies Free Sample Kit

Managing your network fiber and copper wiring is key to both ensuring data flow and saving time and money
by simplifying re-wiring and troubleshooting.
Fast-Drop® and Protect-Fast™ are designed to help you organize and give you the fast easy access you need.
The Fast-Drop patented clip on assembly module is the fastest way to modify your existing racks
or initiate immediate production of rack systems.

  • Prevents network data loss from macrobends
  • Easy to use patented system
  • Fast install on existing racks
  • Braided tough, lightweight sleeving
  • Easy install of wires or bundles
  • Protects against abrasion and cutting
  • MIL-202 & FAR25 approvals
  • Tough, lightweight sleeving 
  • Easy install of wires or bundles
  • Protects against abrasion and cutting
  • MIL, UL, FAR 25 approvals
  • Wire and cable organization
  • Expand X3
  • Flexible abrasion resistance
  • IT Data centers, telecom and automotive
  • Bundle and secure cables
  • RoHS compliant and UL and Mil Spec approved products
  • Wide variety of colors, styles, sizes, and options
  • Neatly and securely bundle cables
  • Latch on opposing side for secure containment
  • Easy management of cables, fiber and tubing
  • Strong, reusable
  • Indoor or outdoor use

The Benefits of Effective Industrial Cable Management Systems

The wiring for your network or physical layer is critically important.  Vertical or horizontal cable management must be set up carefully to prevent issues in the future.

When something goes offline, you first check connectivity in your cable plant or network infrastructure:  the patch cables from the network switch port to the patch panel port, from the patch panel to the work station outlet and from the outlet to the device.  Without a disciplined layout, this would not be easy.

Set up your racks and panels with cable management products like Fast-Drop, Protect-Fast Braided Sleeving and DTi Ti’s and Hook and Loop Wrap Straps which will give you fast easy access for any troubleshooting and patching.  Make your labeling simple and flexible for any changes. Update your as-built plans and post them for all to see.