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Spring-Fast® Military: The "NASM22529/2" Series
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 Spring-Fast Military:  NASM22529/2 Series

The MIL SPEC Series per NASM22529/2 offers a versatile steel substrate encapsulated with lubricious fusion bonded epoxy
for superior abrasion and chemical resistance. It has enhanced grip strength and is 2 axis conformable.
It adds a sacrificial polymer cushion as a softer and sacrificial wire interface for even greater wire protection.

NASM22529/2 Series is the NASM22529/1 plus a sacrificial polymer cushion.

Key Benefits

  • U.S. Defense Dept. FAA approved: NASM22529/2 and National Stock Number: Federal Supply Code 5325.
  • Superior performance: encapsulated stainless steel core: outperforms plastic grommets.
  • Snap on installation lowers costs 49% vs. grommets with glue.  Watch the 4 min. video below.
  • Improves efficiency 9.5x – due to fewer steps in workflow.

Grommet Differentiation Table (GDT)

Grommet TypeCastle
Multi Axis
Notes: Includes sacrificial cushion. Increased abrasion resistance.
NASM22529/2Alternate2 axisYesYesNoFairYesNo


  • Military use and in service worldwide on airframes, wings, tails, bulkheads, webs, lightening holes, APU’s, avionics,
    radars across tactical vehicles, helicopters, jets, military transports and miscellaneous tactical equipment
  • Aerospace use on business jets and general aviation aircraft: IFE, seating, galleys, toilets, bulkheads, avionics, etc.
  • Straight edges, knockouts, access panels and penetrations
  • Small radii inside or outside corners


The old nylon grommet with glue is old, inefficient and costly.  DTi has a better way.

  • Epoxy encapsulated stainless steel substrate.
  • Snaps on fast with finger pressure
  • Installs continuously with single axis conformity
  • Self locking with strong retention – no adhesives
  • Simpler install: no adhesive, fixturing, curing, clean up or OSHA concerns,
    reduces installed costs
  • Maintenance is far easier due to its ease of application and removal
  • Customization available (lengths, colors and print)

Key Specifications (download spec sheet below)

  • Resistant to hydrocarbons, immersion, salt spray, shock and vibration.
  • Operating Temperature Heat continuous to -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
  • Flammability Rating per Mil Std:  FAR 25.601,  FAR 25.853
  • High Shock and Vibration Resistance per MIL-STD-1344 to rms G 41.7
  • 8 sizes to fit edge thicknesses: 0.025” to 0.26” (0.6 mm to 6.6 mm)
  • Factory discrete cut lengths and reels: 25 ft. (7.6 m), 100 ft. (30.5 m), 500 ft. (152 m)
  • Tools available: Installation roller, full by-pass shears, castle removal, measuring scale,
    go / no-go sizing gauge, cutter cart
Spring-Fast® Military: The "NASM22529/2" Series
Spring-Fast® Military: The "NASM22529/2" Series
Spring-Fast® Military: The "NASM22529/2" Series
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