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Device Technologies Free Sample Kit

Spring-Fast Grommet Edging Tools

DTi offers a variety of tools to cut, measure, and apply Spring-Fast® grommet and Trim-Fast™ edge trim.

5S/Lean Manufacturing Spring Fast® Wire Protection Grommet Edging "Shadow Box" Tool Kit
  • Full Bypass Shears (830PS),
  • Castle Removal Tool (890-G),
  • Sheet Thickness Gauge (880-G),
  • Roll-Fast Roller (840R)
    Cut to Length Scale (860GSB) [Optional]
Full Bypass Shears - Part Number 830PS
  • Prevents distortion of adjacent castles
  • Cuts Spring-Fast and Trim-Fast for a clean, burr-free cut
Cut to Length Scale -Part Number 860GSB
  • Adhesive backed for applying to work bench
  • Measures in inches and castles (Up to 24 in, 154 castles)
Roll-Fast™ - Part Number 840R
  • Roller quickly installs Spring-Fast
  • 1/2” (12.7mm) outside groove diameter
Sheet Thickness Gauge - Part Number 880-G
  • Stainless Steel Go/No-Go Gauge for all Spring-Fast sizes
  • For sheet thicknesses from 0.020 to 0.260”
Castle Removal Tool - Part Number 890-G
  • Fast and easy operation for removing single castles
  • For T and BT series and Mil Spec M22529/1 and M22529/2
  • Polished, forged steel cutting edge and ergonomic handle
Cutter-Cart® - Part Number 850CS
  • Mounting shaft holds (16) 25’ rolls or (6) 100’ reels
  • Cutting bar with 830PS shears and cut to length scale
  • Full Bypass shears eliminate grip distortion
  • Roller provides fast installation of grommet
  • Scale allows for uniform measurement in inches and castles
  • Cart provides mobility to and from work zone
  • Gauge assists in on site grommet selection with go / no-go simplicity
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