MRO’s are already busy with ADS-B installs and it’s only going to get more intense as the January 1, 2020 deadline looms.

ADS-B Wire protection grommet install kit

ADS-B Wire protection grommet install kit

To add to this aerospace equivalent of Black Friday shopping, the FAA has announced a second $500 rebate for installs before Oct 11 2019.   The first one in 2017 saw >10,000 issued to early adopters so this one is likely to be even more popular as it will be fueled by the scramble to meet the deadline and stay in the air.

This will put pressure on MRO scheduling and install crews to execute as fast as possible.  You can read a related panel discussion on ADS-B backlogs here.


As standard operating procedure wiring protection –grommet edging- will be needed as part of the ADS-B install.  However many operators and MRO's know that the install will open up rarely exposed compartments and spaces and see it as the the perfect time to inspect/replace/install grommets to protect wiring and avoid equipment discrepancies- which are often linked to wiring rather than equipment issues.

DTi’s Spring-Fast best-in-class grommets install for 50% of the cost of the old slow legacy nylon grommets with glue. They install in a 1/10 of the time with finger pressure.  Minimal inspection.  No fixturing. No curing.

This best in class EWIS protection eliminates chafe induced arc, spark and combustion.

DTi has created a discounted ABS-B installation kit to help MRO’s in their ADS-B installations.  Contact our distributor EDMO to see the kit details

Source:  Avionics News article read more here .