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Switch to the best, most cost-effective wire protection for Refit, Refurb, Replace. Spring-Fast®


Spring-Fast is simpler & faster to install without glue saving 49% of install costs with best-in-class performance.

For avionics • seating • galleys • monuments on jets • turboprops • helicopters

See for Yourself – AIX Stand 6A80 /D

Current Nylon Grommet is Outdated 1940’s Tech

This is the SOP for your techs using glued nylon MS21266 grommets.

  • Preparation: gathering items for application & safety
  • Prepping the edge for proper adhesion -abrasion and cleaning]
  • Gluing to the edge – as nylon lacks static friction
  • Fixture the application with tape – while it cures.
  • Clean up with a MEK solvent, cloths – and elbow grease.
  • Inspection: disbonding is common & causes rework adding to the cost of poor quality.
  • A costly, labor intensive, multi-step process

See for Yourself – AIX Stand 6A80 /D

The Better Choice:

Spring-Fast® NASM22529 installs with finger pressure without glue while providing best in class performance.

Here are the Benefits to You
1. Superior Edge retention 20g, 3 axis, static load tests showed no impact on retention
2. Shock & vibrationFully tested to mil std 810 - no known failure in 35 years.
3. Less weightNylon grommets plus the glue weigh 10-17% more than NASM22529/2.
4. Longer Life NASM22529/2 is not moisture or UV sensitive = no embrittlement
1. Reduced CostFaster no glue installation saves OEMs 49% of total install cost
2. Reduced Scrap Reels reduce scrap (vs strip nylon which has up to a 26% scrap rate)
3. Lower than TeflonDTi unit cost less than Teflon which is 10x to 28x the cost of nylon
4. Lower ConsumablesNo glue, IPA wipes, solvents, fixture tape, gloves, masks or cloths.
1. Efficiency Frees up tech time -higher productivity/backlog reduction.
2. Tight spaces Application/removal/reapplication is easy even in very tight spaces
3. Reduced safety issues No glues, solvents or VOCs requiring ventilation and masks for techs
4. Reduced FODMinimal FOD footprint- no glue, gloves, cloth, wipes, tape, solvent, masks
5. Green/sustainable No VOC solvents or adhesives, no nylon, no ventilation & a longer PLC.

See for Yourself – AIX Stand 6A80 /D

Proven Performance on Platforms

NASM22529/2 is an FAA approved replacement part & has NAVAIR approval per # 01-1A-505-1



  • OEM’s: Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed-Martin, Bell, Gulfstream, Robinson, Sikorsky, Spirit
  • MRO: CH47, HH-65, HH-60 C17, F18, C130, C5, V22,
  • DoD: Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines CG: V280 Velour, CH-47 Chinook, C-17 Globemaster, T38
  • Electric Platforms: 5 currently prototyping

A Better Grommet Mousetrap – By Design

  • Spring-Fast has a polymer coating on an ultra-thin CRES substrate that snaps on with finger pressure.
  • Opposing finger-like castles exert a compression force for retention without glue.
  • Proven retention -static load tested to 20G on 3 axes without adhesives.
  • Can be hand pre-formed, snapped into place with finger pressure & easily removed & refit.

See for Yourself – AIX Stand 6A80 /D