Fast-Drop® radius control modules (RCM) raise productivity as well as protect data by preventing macrobends.  They allow not only rapid modifications of existing rack systems but also create easier maintenance and install access because of the better organized fiber, cables or tubing.

Many companies are using Fast-Drop RCMs as they implement 5G rack system upgrades.


♦      EU IT/Telecom Company                                           Rack wire Control and Management                       RCM /Grommet edging

The client wanted a way to rapidly modify existing data centers as well as prevent macrobends.

Fast-Drop RCMs ensured rapid deployment with a patented easy clip on design and optional perpendicular fastener mounting with minimal down time and application flexibility.


♦      US Data Center equipment/services provider      Telecom racks for routers and switches                RCM /Grommet edging

They needed an easy way to rapidly modify their existing data centers as expansion, equipment changes and upgrades took place.  They wanted the modifications to be flexible once in place and reduce incidences of macrobends.

Fast-Drop Panel Arrays made up of preassembled RCM’s for standard 19” racks were rapidly deployed and served to expand configurability and helped prevent macrobends.