Use Case:            Power: Aeroderivative Gas Turbines – Renewable Energy
Client:                  A leading OEM of Aeroderivative Gas Turbines: generator sets for industrial and marine/offshore use.
Solution:              Seal-Fast FST Silicone Seal D3-028-S044


The EPDM seals they were using were not compliant for flame smoke and toxicity (FST) furthermore to standardize for performance & cost they wanted the best most qualified seal to use across their generator set range.

  • Seal-Fast FST Silicone Seal D3-028-S044
  • FST compliant to meet fire safety regulations
  • Silicone design is naturally more flexible to fit around edges as the design uses an embedded wire versus a clip.

  • Easy application with finger pressure
  • Saves time and money with quick assembly
  • Metal wire substrate gives it “aerospace standard” grip strength
  • 100’s of profiles available
  • Made in the USA

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