Use Case: Solar-Wind Energy:  Seals for Vacuum Power Substation Circuit Breakers Enclosures
Client:         Major OEM in the energy technology sector incl. wind /solar
Solution:     Seal-Fast™ Door Seals:   D Series EPDM seal D3-005-S011

The OEM is a major player in vacuum substation circuit breakers used in power substations as main breakers or bus-tie breakers and also equipment for switching and protection of feeders, shunt capacitor banks, and reactors.


The circuit breaker system in a wind or solar harvesting plant has to be consistently and reliably protected from the environment given they are so exposed to the elements. The problem is extensive as some generating plants may have 20-30 units all of which must perform.

  • It needed to be flexible enough to install around small radii corners
  • The seals had to provide strong edge retention.
  • The seal had to be easily applied and removed
  • The seal needed to be ozone and UV-resistant, exterior weatherometer tested to resist weathering and be stable in a wide range of seasonal temperature fluctuations.
  • The solution had to be compliant with UL 50E and SAE J1960.


    Seal-Fast™: "D" Series PVC/EPDM

Examples of EPDM seals

  1. Replace the existing seals with Seal-Fast D Series Seals: EPDM D3-005-S011
  2. Flexible enough to fit around small radius corners
  3. Steel reinforced EPDM gave it strong edge retention
  4. Fast easy application with simple finger pressure.  It can be removed, repositioned, and reapplied as needed.
  5. Proven reliable environmental protection across many industries and applications from -40°F to 250°F
  6. Ozone and UV resistant, exterior weatherometer tested
  7. Compliant with UL 50E and SAE J1960

The seals shown above are examples but DTi has hundreds of potential profiles and can also create custom seal solutions that fits your exact needs.

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