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Spring-Fast® Grommet Edging: High Heat Series
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 Spring-Fast Grommet Edging:  High Heat Series

The High Heat Series consists of two un-encapsulated raw stainless steel metal only products.
They provide long term reliability for hostile high temperature environments.
They are low profile, multi axis conformable providing excellent grip strength and allow a low profile edge protection treatment.

The High Heat series are the AP and FM Series with no encapsulation.  The FM variant provides a zero clearance flush mount capability.

Key Benefits

  • Superior performance: 304 stainless steel goes where plastic and other polymeric grommets cannot be used.
  • Fast and easy snap on installation, maintaining low installed cost benefits.
  • At least 49% install cost savings vs. Teflon Grommets and glue.
  • Improves efficiency 9.5x – due to fewer steps in workflow.
  • Superior inherent grip strength from the stainless steel design.

Grommet Differentiation Table (GDT)

Grommet TypeCastle
Multi Axis
AP 'Hi Heat' Series
(uncoated AP Series)
FM 'Hi Heat' Series
(uncoated FM Series)
ParallelMultiNoNoNoExcellentNoYes -
1 side


  • Used in high heat situations: engine compartments, heat shields, exhaust systems, boilers, ovens, down hole drilling, furnaces, fastener to retain metal fabrics
  • Straight edges
  • Multi axis flexibility for flanged holes and small radii inside or outside corners


  • 304 stainless steel tooled to minimize burrs in extreme conditions
  • Snaps on fast with finger pressure
  • Installs continuously with multi axis conformity
  • Self locking with strong retention
  • Easy maintenance due to its ease of application and removal

Key Specifications (download spec sheet below)

  • Resistant to hydrocarbons, immersion, salt spray, shock and vibration
  • Operating Temperature Heat continuous to -40°F to 800°F (-40°C to 427°C)
  • High Shock and Vibration Resistance to rms G 41.7
  • AP-High heat: Fits edge thicknesses: 0.020” to 0.130” (0.5 mm to 3.3 mm)
  • FM-High heat: Fits edge thicknesses: 0.044” to 0.090” (1.1 mm to 2.3 mm)
  • Factory discrete cut lengths and reels: 25 ft. (7.6 m), 100 ft. (30.5 m), 500 ft. (152 m)
  • Tools available: Installation roller, full by-pass shears, castle removal, measuring scale,
    go-no go sizing gauge, cutter cart
Spring-Fast® Grommet Edging: High Heat Series
Spring-Fast® Grommet Edging: High Heat Series
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