Trim Application Use Case #301

Use Case:            Rail Electrical Distribution and Communication Cabinets

Client:                   A major OEM of High-Speed Rail Cars and Related Auxiliary Equipment

Solution:               Trim-Fast FST Silicone Edge Trim

  • Cables in and around the cabinet were experiencing abrasion when contacting its sharp metal panel edges.
  • The current EPDM edge trim did not meet the fire, smoke, and toxicity (FST) standards required by ASTM.


  • Trim-Fast FST Silicone Edge Trim.
  • Protects against abrasion
  • Meets FST requirements laid down by ASTM.


  • Metal substrate design grips the edge for strong grip during high vibration conditions
  • Installed fast with finger pressure
  • Highly flexible allowing for fast assembly around small radii.
  • Multiple variants for different uses/applications.

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