Seal Application Use Case #201

Use Case:            FST Compliant Control System Cabinet for High-Speed Rail

Client:                   A major OEM of Rail Car pneumatic braking systems

Solution:              Seal-Fast Door Seal with Film Bonded Ends – One Piece Assembly


  • Current rectangular silicone seal used a pressure sensitive adhesive tape (PSA) to fasten to the chassis but it did not bond consistently or reliably.
  • It was very difficult to replace properly when damaged because sections of the material and adhesive would remain in places which made refitting slow and costly.
  • Material and PSA tape was not tested and approved to meet Flame Smoke and Toxicity (FST) requirements.
  • Water leaks were common at the seals terminating ends which required repair and a slow, messy adhesive application on site – making damaged sections even more difficult to replace.



  • Seal-Fast™ FST Silicone edge mount bulb door seal
  • Pre-joined terminating ends one-piece application
  • Solved the bonding and leakage
  • Passed the IPX6 rating per IEC-60529- 3-minute water spray over the entire box at 100L/min.
  • Meets the FST requirements laid out by ASTM


  • Easy application with finger pressure with no adhesives
  • Saves time and money with quick assembly
  • Metal substrate gives it “aerospace standard” grip strength
  • 100’s of profiles are available
  • Made in the USA

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