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Gaming Equipment Solution
Spring-Fast ® BT Series

Gaming Equipment with circular and semi-circular panel cutouts within the top box electrical controls section had very sharp edges requiring consistent protection from wire chafing during the shipment process and operation. Casinos go to great lengths to avoid, let alone minimize, equipment downtime. A simple chafed wire can not only shut a machine down, but can also lead to a more catastrophic event such as a fire.


Spring-Fast ® BT Series installed fast, clean and securely, providing a low profile precision fit. The self-gripping capabilities assure precise fit along the straight edges with advantages including safety and ease of installation without adhesives. Value engineered Spring-Fast relegates wire chafing to a non-issue. Straps on, Holds fast!

The Very Real Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) to Manufacturers

If you are unclear about the “Cost of Poor Quality” (CoPQ) you are not alone. CoPQ is not widely understood and yet it is an important indicator of the efficiency of your manufacturing.  It has a significant bottom line impact if not monitored and controlled....

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