The ADS-B deadline is just 5 months away.

The last FAA $500 ADS-B rebate was reserved on May 11.

However there may be a way to still get your $500.  Read on.

As expected, the rapidly approaching deadline has got people moving.  Nobody wants a very expensive useless (or very restricted at least) piece of metal sitting in a very expensive hangar.  As a result, rebate claims doubled from 70 to 150 per day in May.  We are well past that now.

There were 9,792 rebates on offer and they went well before the Oct. 11 deadline. The FAA wanted to encourage fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft owners to comply.

However aircraft owners have 150 days to finish their ADS-B Out installation and successfully complete a 30min validation flight in the 14 CFR 91.225 airspace where ADS-B Out will be required after 1/1/2020.

Aircraft owners need to follow five steps to receive the $500 rebate:

  • Purchase the equipment and schedule its installation.
  • Obtain a Rebate Reservation Code online.
  • Have the equipment installed.
  • Conduct the required equipment performance validation (see above) and get an Incentive Code.
  • Claim the $500 rebate online using the Rebate Reservation Code and Incentive Code.

However if owners/operators do not claim the “reservations” within that 150 day window, they will expire, and be available to other aircraft owners.

The FAA will cancel any expired, unclaimed reservations and they will be released each Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET on a first-come, first-served basis.

To check for available reservations, go to the FAA ADS-B rebate website and click the link under Step 2, Reserve.

Note too that the FAA's Equip ADS-B website lists FAA-certified ADS-B equipment and features an equipage database searchable by aircraft type and model.

It's Late But DTi Can Still Help

While rarely exposed compartments will be open during the install, it is the perfect opportunity to inspect/replace/install grommets to protect the EWIS/wiring and avoid equipment discrepancies – which are very often traced back to wiring problems rather than issues with the equipment itself.

DTi’s Spring-Fast® grommet helps to eliminate chafe which can lead to arc, spark, and combustion.  It installs for 50% of the cost of the old slow nylon grommets with glue because they install fast with just finger pressure.  Minimal inspection.  No fixturing.  No curing.

DTi has created a discounted ABS-B installation kit to help MROs in their ADS-B installations.  See the ADS-B kit details at our distributor EDMO.