The good news?  The ADS-B deadline is looming and there is a tsunami of work coming.

The bad news?  The ADS-B deadline is looming and there is a tsunami of work coming.

DTi ADS-B wire protection grommet install kit

DTi ADS-B wire protection grommet install kit

A weak joke I know but the install work needed for ADS-B really is like a tsunami – it will speed up as it gets closer to the shore…uh…deadline.

This has the potential to cause headaches in scheduling and client satisfaction.

The problem is that people have been waiting for better deals, for other refit work to be needed, for better systems or for the early adopters to iron out the kinks in the systems etc etc etc.  But crunch time is approaching and here's why….

The FAA estimates that ~200,000 active aircraft need ADS-B and ~46,000 have installed so ~154,000 still need it. That means 77% –over 3x as many- still have to install in little over a year.  That -by anyone's definition – means crunch time is here.

Somebody is going to be disappointed!   MRO’s will likely have to assuage some unhappy customers. Our prediction is that a good number of planes will be grounded.

Aviation News had a panel discussion with 5 MRO’s and what they are seeing and expecting.  They cited backlogs between 1-5 months.  That will clearly get worse and the FAA ADS-B rebate offering (click the link to read) will only speed up the rush.

As standard operating procedure, the install will require wire protection grommet edging.  However some operators and MRO's know that during this install, rarely exposed compartments will be open which presents a perfect opportunity to inspect/replace/install grommets to help avoid equipment discrepancies – which are often traced to wiring rather than equipment issues.

DTi’s Spring-Fast best-in-class grommets install for 50% of the cost of the old slow legacy nylon grommets with glue. They install in a 1/10 of the time with finger pressure.  Minimal inspection.  No fixturing. No curing.

This best in class EWIS protection eliminates chafe induced arc, spark and combustion.

DTi has created a discounted ABS-B installation kit to help MRO’s in their ADS-B installations.  See the ADS-B kit details at our distributor EDMO

Source Aviation News article here