Southborough, MA – DTI introduces the new High Heat Series of Spring-Fast® Grommet Edging as demand from the marketplace was looking for long term reliability in extremely hostile environments. While the powder coated version complies with many hostile requirements, inherent in the polymer coatings is an upper limit to provide the functional benefit from the coating. On the standard Spring-Fast® a wider gap between castles created during the stamping process might leave a more ‘open’ edge along which micro burrs would slowly abrade cable jacket and insulation, thus demanding a polymer coating to cover the edges. As a result of improved tooling technology the smaller gaps between each of the adjacent castles in the new High Heat series minimizes the micro burrs from the stamping process. The castle adjacency is so close that general wire harness assemblies do not penetrate the gap and become exposed to the raw metal edge of the grommet.

Spring-Fast® Grommet Edging: High Heat Series


Paired with the formed and rolled shoulders of the AP and FM Series High Heat grommet, the applications expand into environments limited by the performance of 304 Stainless Steel. Where, in all cases electronic cables or other components come close to or in contact with another edge, thereby rendering potential failure or short circuiting, the High Series Grommet Edging will simply snap on and hold fast and maintain product integrity.