Use Case: Food Handling
Client: A major OEM of equipment that food handlers/retailers use to weigh, price, and label food.
Solution: Spring-Fast SL Series (SL4)

  • The OEM produced large unit machines that had multiple access doors.
  • These needed a seal but the gap was <1/8” so conventional EPDM or silicone seal profiles could not work as the gap was too small.
  • Conventional thinner trim edges could be applied with the door open but after closing and then re-opening they simply fell off due to friction with the door frame.
  • Glued grommets had also been tried but gave inconsistent quality as sections of the trim detached as the door was opened due to inconsistent adhesion.  This created a low-quality image out in the field.

Food Service edging


Apply Spring-Fast SL series grommet edging

  1. Fast easy application with simple finger pressure without adhesives
  2. Provided a “low profile” seal/gap filler that stayed on when the door was opened.
  3. Strong edge retention – tested to aerospace standards to RMS G 41.7 for mechanical shock and vibration.

Why it works so well

Spring-Fast SL series has a stainless steel substrate that provides strong edge retention.  It is encapsulated with flexible, lubricious TPE for superior abrasion protection, chemical resistance, and in this case a low profile that was an ideal fit for the gap-filling requirement.

Its effectiveness is due to its design: the steel core has castles, or gripping teeth, that angle into the metal edge creating a gripping force and powerful edge retention without any form of adhesive.  It is also easy to apply as it has an angled leading edge that makes application to edges simple.

The SL Series is one of several series designed by DTi.  These cater to most manufacturing needs but DTi will create custom solutions as needed.

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