Use Case: Food Industry:  Commercial dishwashing systems
Client:  A major OEM manufacturer of commercial dishwashing units
Solution: Spring-Fast BAP2 Series

  1. The OEM produces small to large units for commercial dishwashing. Each unit is fully automatic and controlled by electrical systems supported by wiring throughout the units.  This wiring especially around the control systems had to be protected from abrasion and scuffing on sharp sheet metal edges.
  2. Given the normal operation, the grommet had to be vibration tolerant/moisture resistant/heat resistant with a UL-94V-0 flame rating. Nylon grommets had been tried but with limited success.  Adhesives (applied or PSA) used with nylon/PE grommets were prone to break down given the continuous heat and moisture.


Replace the PE/nylon with Spring-Fast BAP series grommet edging

  1. Instant protection against wire abrasion and function loss.
  2. Fast easy application with simple finger pressure without adhesives
  3. Given the mechanical gripping mechanism built into the design- there are no adhesives to degrade
  4. Qualified for vibration Mil-Std-810C, Flammability UL94 V0, and Salt spray ASTM B117
  5. Strong edge retention – tested to earthquake and aerospace standards to RMS G 41.7 for mechanical shock and vibration.
  6. TPE cushion on top of nylon encapsulation of the stainless steel substrate is flexible and resists deformation.

Why it works so well

Spring-Fast BAP series has a stainless steel substrate for excellent edge retention strength.  It is encapsulated with flexible, lubricious nylon and then covered with a sacrificial TPE cushion for superior abrasion protection, chemical resistance, and multi-axis flexibility.   The sacrificial polymer cushion goes even further to prevent wire abrasion.

Its effectiveness is due to its design: the steel core has castles, or gripping teeth, that angle into the metal edge creating a gripping force and powerful edge retention without any form of adhesive.  It is also easy to apply as it has an angled-out leading edge that makes application onto edges self-aligning and simple.

The BAP Series is one of nine series designed by DTi.  Customization is available.

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