For aerospace, we supply best in class grommet edging and high performance thermoplastic and silicone seal materials that meet or exceed exacting industry standards, e.g. FAR 25.853, NAVAIR 01-1A-505-1,  FST/UV exposure/corrosion.

12 variants of Spring-Fast® grommets will protect your data flow from wire abrasion.  All snap on fast with finger pressure and save 49% of total install costs and increase productivity by 9.5x.  Custom design is also available.


♦      Eurobased Tactical Aircraft Consortium                  Eurofighter Typhoon                                            SL series

The project needed wire protection in the lower cast aluminum fuselage.  The fighter was assembled in place, so using nylon grommets with adhesive was a long, arduous process that required significant overhead work.

Spring-Fast SL Series made installation easy with a fast, snap on install without adhesives plus provided vibration and shock resistance.  Usage reduced total install costs by 49% and improved the efficiency of the process by 9.5x.


♦      USA based Aircraft OEM                                             General Aviation aircraft                                     BAP  Series

The OEM installs ~200’ of grommet wire protection in an aluminum fuselage.  Current SOP was nylon grommets/adhesives but it was costly, slow, messy and a productivity drag even before the overnight cure time.

Spring-Fast BAP Series met critical flight performance requirements: flexibility, shock/vibration resistance and flame retardation.  Rapid snap on installation gave a 49% lower total install cost and a 9.5x productivity increase.


♦      USA based Aircraft Seating subcontractor              Patented rotational headrest                             SL series

The goal was to find a better way than using MS21266 nylon grommets with glue to protect wires as hardened glue sometimes tore the seat fabric as it was applied and could also leach onto and stain the fabric.

The Spring-Fast SL solution snapped on with no glue, protecting the fabric and the wires. It gave the high performance needed and saved 49% in total install costs and boosted productivity by 9.5x.


♦      Euro based Aircraft Components OEM                   General Aviation Aircraft Overhaul/Refit          Spring-Fast

The overhaul/refit process includes checking/repairing nylon grommets for bowing, breakage or detachment.  Tight spaces make this a significant productivity drag even before adhesive cure times and VOC safety factors.

Spring-Fast snap on install is very effective in tight spaces and yields a 49% lower total install cost and a 9.5x productivity increase. It meets key flexibility, shock, vibration resistance and flame retardation requirements.

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