Client:                 A major OEM of climate control solutions- geothermal heat pumps/HVAC

Solution:            Spring-Fast ® BT Series Grommet Edging

Problem:             Heat pump case/enclosure needed wire protection with the following characteristics

  • Resistance to a wide temperature range
  • Had to be UL94-V0 for flammability
  • Needed flexibility for conformance on to the panel without compromising retention
  • For product quality they did not want to use tapes or adhesives.

Solution:              Spring-Fast BT grommet edging protected the wiring

  • Steel substrate encapsulated with fusion bonded nylon for abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to a wide range of temperatures.
  • UL94-V0 for flammability
  • Flexible and tested to aerospace standards for conformance and retention
  • No tapes, glues or PSA that could degrade and cause product quality problems .



      • Solved the problems-abrasion protection, UL94 V-0 and the desired style factor
      • Saved ~49% of total installation costs
      • Increased the specific task productivity by 9.5x (far faster with fewer steps)
      • Best in class performance.


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