Use Case: Marine outboard and inboard motors
Client:  A major OEM manufacturer of outboard and inboard marine motors
Solution: Spring-Fast SL Series

  • Wiring needed to be protected from abrasion and scuffing.
  • The grommet had to be vibration tolerant/corrosion resistant/heat resistant with a UL-94V-0 flame rating
  • Operationally very tight engine enclosures made glued in grommets difficult to apply/reapply.
  • Many of the edges that had to be protected were extremely small <1” in length
  • Nylon or PE grommets with glue or PSA failed in normal operations testing – leading to lower quality & re-work
  • Thermoplastic nylon or polyethylene had a tendency to deform as temperature increased.
SOLUTION:  Replace the PE/nylon with Spring-Fast SL series grommet edging

  1. Fast easy application with simple finger pressure without adhesives provided the needed wire protection.
  2. They use multiple small (1/2 inch ) pieces in their engine enclosures which performed (gripped) well.
  3. The TPE encapsulation of the stainless steel substrate is flexible, resists deformation, and protects wiring from damage caused by abrasion.
  4. Qualified for vibration Mil-Std-810C, Flammability UL94 V0, and Salt spray ASTM B117
  5. Strong edge retention – tested to aerospace standards to rms G 41.7 for mechanical shock and vibration.
  6. The OEM also applied Seal-Fast Seal around the cowling to solve water/environmental issues.
Why it works so well

The SL Series has a 300 series stainless steel substrate for excellent retention strength and is fully encapsulated in flexible, lubricious TPE for superior abrasion protection, chemical resistance, and 4-axis flexibility.  Its effectiveness is due to its design: the steel core has castles, or gripping teeth, that angle into the metal edge creating a gripping force and powerful edge retention without adhesives.

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