Use Case: Marine Yacht Engine Edge Protection

Client: A leading OEM in Marine Yacht Construction

Solution: Spring-Fast AP Series Grommet Edging -White


  1. Depending on the yacht model, 10’-50’ of grommet edging was used to protect against wire abrasion. It was an important component to ensure performance and safety.
  2. Nylon grommet edging (MS 21266) had been tried but suffered from de-bonding in normal operation testing as the natural coil set and engine heat separated the adhesive and the grommet strip from the panel edge increasing the cost of poor quality for the business.
  3. The operational process of installing grommet edging by applying an adhesive to MS21266 was time-consuming, messy, inconsistent, and unsafe. In addition, the nylon grommet’s rigidity combined with burrs on the machine-edged metal it was being applied to, made it especially difficult to apply to irregular multi-axis runs or runs with radii.
  4. The solution had to fit the product aesthetic:  the engine compartment was mostly white as it was cleaner and made spills easier to see.
  5. The solution needed to be UL 94 V0 compliant.
  6. It had to be corrosion resistant given its constant exposure to saltwater

White AP (plus cushion)

White and chrome engine room


Replace the PE/nylon with Spring-Fast AP Series Grommet Edging-White

  1. Spring-Fast AP has proven strong edge retention without adhesive. The stainless steel core grips the edge tightly and does not suffer from coil set. No adhesive means no dis-bonding.
  2. Far simpler finger pressure installation: plus the AP design has flexible castles with angled tips that lead or guide the grommet onto the panel edge for easy application regardless of burrs, run length or shape, and radii.
  3. White variant AP grommet fit the aesthetic of the boat perfectly.
  4. UL 94V0 compliant.
  5. The AP encapsulated 300 Series stainless steel core resists corrosion.
  6. Solved the chafing problem quickly and easily.
  7. Provided strong edge retention for mechanical shock and vibration.


–   Solved the wire protection problem
–   Saved 49% of total installation costs
–   Best in class performance.
–   Increased overall job productivity by 9.5x

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