The Coronavirus is driving unprecedented demand for medical devices and PPE, much of which is needed asap.  Device Technologies can help.

Companies are stepping up production to produce more of the critically required healthcare equipment such as general testing, diagnostics, patient monitoring, and imaging.

Speed is going to be essential as this crisis is going to be peaking – depending on who you talk to and what region you are talking about – over the next 1-2 months.  The timing of the peak seems to depend on how far the curve gets flattened by all the social distancing and stay-at-home orders, but we can’t wait for a better handle on that because, if we wait, the supplies won't be there when they are needed.

From a production standpoint, speed and reliability is going to be essential, so anything manufacturers can do to shorten process manufacturing and assembly time within the equipment build is on the table.

Device Technologies can contribute

We can help manufacturers reduce the amount of component touching involved in the installation AND save time in the install process by using a new grommet edge strip that replaces the old glued-in nylon/polyethylene/plastic grommet edging.  This is a small component that ensures the signals cabling and or medical tubing within any piece of equipment do not get disrupted by wire chafing or general abrasion.

We have many medical sector / healthcare customers who have seen the benefits of using Spring-Fast® as a faster, cleaner, easier to install revolutionary grommet.  It is used by companies such as Medtronic, Hologic, Phillips, Beckman Coulter, Siemens Healthcare, Terumo, bioMerioux and GE Healthcare, as well as numerous medical cart, beds and electronic systems



Why Manufacturers should use Spring-Fast if they want to speed up production.

  • Spring-Fast provides best-in-class grommet edge protection for critical wire, cables, tubing, and hoses.
  • Spring-Fast installation requires simple finger pressure – no glue or fixturing = faster manufacturing.
  • Significantly faster than a nylon grommet that requires a secondary glue.
  • In some manufacturing situations, secondary glue application requires techs to let the adhesive cure for up to 8 hours which can disrupt and slow the production cycle.
  • Nylon grommets with a PSA strip or secondary adhesive will tend to fail if repeatedly cleaned with alcohol, or other spray chemicals, which is often the case in medical environments.
  • Spring-Fast means workers touch far fewer components in the installation process – safer and cleaner.
  • Spring-Fast is a UL Recognized Component.

We recognize the component is a small part of medical devices, but in this crisis, every little bit helps.

Take a look for yourself – request free samples here.