Use Case:          Wire protection for racks & enclosures in vertically integrated critical power/climate solutions

Client:                 A major OEM/integrator with critical power, thermal management, racks & enclosures expertise

Solution:            Spring-Fast ® BT Series Grommet Edging — BT1-0025-ER02


  • To ensure the performance of its integrated rack solutions that combined PDU’s, UPS’s, inverters, switches, multiplexes etc., our client required UL94V-0 compliance as well as abrasion protection for all the cables that had an ingress to, and egress from the units in order to prevent loss of functionality.
  • Other solutions like standard nylon grommets were evaluated but were rejected for several reasons:
    • They did not meet the required flammability UL94 V-0 standard as they are designed and manufactured using non-UL compliant polyethylene thermoplastic materials.
    • The product form did not meet their desired conformance requirements.  Nylon often suffered from coil set and could dis-bond from the edge it was meant to protect.
    • The use of glues or PSA strips to offset coil set could also lead to dis-bonding- even at room temperature – which could threaten the efficacy and performance of their integrated solution.

Spring-Fast® Grommet Edging: The "BT" Series


  • Create the rack integration with Spring-Fast BT Series Grommet Edging which solved the problems quickly and easily
  • The BT series has a steel substrate encapsulated with fusion bonded nylon for superior abrasion resistance, conformance and a polymer cushion for greater wire and cable protection.
  • UL94 V-0 flammability compliant
  • Fast easy application with simple finger pressure without PSA’s or applied adhesives
  • Strong edge retention – tested to aerospace standards for mechanical shock and vibration.
  • Spring-Fast is a high performance, conformable, low profile grommet that dovetails with the desired brand aesthetic.


  • Solved the problems-abrasion protection, UL94 V-0 and the desired form factor
  • Saved ~49% of total installation costs
  • Increased the specific task productivity by 9.5x (far faster with fewer steps)
  • Best in class performance.

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