Hamburg, Germany 02 June 2022 – DTi device technologies GmbH (DTi GmbH), a subsidiary of Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi) reports strong Spring-Fast® grommet edging orders from aero seating clients like Collins, Thompson, Safran, TSI, Avic, Acro and others. The product’s higher efficiency and 49% cost savings are helping to drive growth along with rebounding demand.   

In Recovery Mode

The commercial aerospace market is firmly in recovery mode. Passenger demand is increasing and while it is not quite back to pre-pandemic levels it is forecast to fully recover in 2023 or worst case 2024.  This underlying optimism is driving the growth in orders and aircraft deliveries and accounts for the favorable impact on materials, systems, and components across the whole industry. 

Aircraft orders continue to rebound.  So far in 2022 Boeing and Airbus have delivered 237 aircraft, compared to 202 in the first quarter of 2021. Airlines are hiring more pilots and flight attendants. Mothballed aircraft are being brought back online and redeployed. MRO shops are practically buzzing with activity with very few vacant openings.      

Why Orders are Growing

Nick Petri DTi President and Managing Director says “The order growth is exciting and reflects the post-Covid recovery generally. However, in addition, DTi is making long-term commitments to strengthen its supply chain to ensure we can meet industry demand and be more resilient to any future supply chain disruption.  We are placing raw material orders 1 year in advance to provide our suppliers with planning lead time and are looking at equivalent alternative sourcing.”   

Petri added, “It certainly helps that Spring-Fast wire protection grommet edging is a far superior product that offers significant benefits.” The staffing and the supply chain pressures felt at operators, OEMs and MROs play into Spring-Fast’s strengths.   It offers a better lower-cost alternative that minimizes the time needed for installation that creates higher efficiency in manufacturing and yet still provides best-in-class performance.  

Firstly, Spring-Fast wire protection grommet edging offers cost savings of at least 49% as it applies with just finger pressure -without adhesive.    

In contrast, the SOP for nylon grommet strips, which have no intrinsic retentive strength, is to apply adhesive to ensure it stays on the edge. This is a multi-step process that involves gathering protective gear (masks, gloves, cloths), edge prep scuffing and solvent cleaning, application of the adhesive, fixturing, tape often needed for fixturing, fans for ventilation of the adhesive & solvent VOCs, and inspections.  It’s costly but even worse it is failure-prone due to the high likelihood of rework and eventual dis-bonding. Spring-Fast applies with finger pressure.  No ancillary materials.  No multi-steps.  AND, even better, no reported failure in the field. 

Secondly, it provides higher productivity and better staff utilization.  The industry is understaffed so companies are looking for efficiency anywhere they can.  Spring-Fast with finger pressure installation takes a fraction of the time and resources.  It allows techs to complete more assemblies per day and or work on other tasks.   

If you are using adhesive-bonded nylon grommets you should consider switching to Spring-Fast wire protection grommet edging.   

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About DTi device technologies GmbH and Device Technologies, Inc. 

DTi device technologies GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Device Technologies, Inc., is located in Hamburg, Germany. Established in 2018 to further expand and develop the EMEA market, DTi device technologies GmbH provides local product support, customer service, distribution, light manufacturing, packaging, and finishing driven by customer specifications.  

Founded in 1984, Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi) designs, manufactures, and sells specialty components including grommet edgings, enclosure seals, trims, wire protection sleeving, EMI shielding/absorber/thermal materials and high-performance magnet wire with a complete or selective polymer coatings.  

DTI’s products are used across a wide spectrum of industries and OEMs including Aerospace, Avionics, MRO applications, Automotive, Tactical Military Equipment, Wind Turbines, Telecom, Power systems, IT Servers, HVAC equipment, Medical, Gaming, and Food Service Manufacturing.   

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