Marlborough, Ma, December 15, 2003– Device Technologies, an ISO9001:2000 certified company that designs and manufactures high performance specialty fastener solutions, is pleased to announce two new services for manufacturers, designed to maximize the use of materials and greatly the reduce the time and complexity of installing grommets in a production environment.

Custom Cutting
Device Technologies (DTI), a leading designer and manufacturer of grommets, is now offering to its customers a cutting service, which will ensure that each piece is a uniform length, has a clean edge, will greatly reduce material waste, and save the customer the time of manually cutting each length themselves. This service is being offered to Device Technologies’ customers at no extra charge and has immediate benefits in resource and time management.

“If our customers tell was that they need a specific quantity of grommets cut to a specific length for their production needs, then DTI will digitally measure, and cleanly cut these lengths,” said Hector Petri, Technical Director for Device Technologies. “This service has immense benefits for our customers, giving them uniform and clean-cut lengths, ready for installation and virtually eliminating material waste.”

Custom Kits
Device Technologies is also offering a kitting service to its customers. These kits are labeled and packaged pre-cut lengths that can either be included with the finished product for end-customer installation, or used on an assembly line to greatly reduce confusion and material waste.

“An assembler doesn’t need to cut multiple length pieces now. Device Technologies can now package different length pieces together so the assembler can just rip open an envelope and have all the necessary lengths at hand,” said Petri. “We hope to not only provide our customers with a quality product, but make the installation of our products as efficient as possible.”

For kitting service pricing and customization, please contact customer at (800) 669-9682 or email

About Device Technologies, Inc.

Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi) has designed, manufactured, and sold specialty fasteners to a broad spectrum of industries since its founder, Hector D. Petri, Technical Director, introduced the patented Spring-Fast® High Performance Grommet Edging in 1984. This product line, and resulting extensions, has grown significantly, serving a broad spectrum of industries including aerospace, Department of Defense, banking/business machines, computer, data storage, HVAC semiconductor manufacturing, gaming, and public transportation. DTi’s work in these industries has enabled the company to provide high performance, economical product solutions, which include: the Fast-Drop™ Fiber Optic Radius Control Modules to maintain accurate, reliable optic signal transmission; and the Push-Lok™ Printed Circuit Board Standoff product line.

DTi continues to invest in R & D to enhance opportunities for its product and process technologies, in compliance with ISO 9001 and AS 9100 standards. More information is available at the company’s new web site, or call (800) 669-9682.

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