Southborough, MA December 21, 2020 – Device Technologies (DTI) has been awarded a State Trade Expansion Program (STEPgrant to help market Spring-Fast® SL-FST grommet edging.  SL-FST is a perfect fit for the European Rail and Transit industry, as it meets the strict European guidelines for Flame Smoke and Toxicity (FST). 

The grant will build on DTi’s long term program to build international sales and job growth at DTI, DTi GmbH its Hamburg based subsidiary and within its regional supply chain. 

 In a Challenging Year-Grant Will Help

2020 has been hard given the challenges we are all facing,” said Nick Petri President of DTi, “this award will help reinforce our plan to build international sales and headcount for a strong 2021. 

This will specifically help promote Spring-Fast SL-FST grommet edging – one of 12 off the shelf variants DTI offers.  It is ideal for protecting rail electronicsfrom damage and potential fire risks and can be installed in seconds without adhesives. 

Wire protection is important as trains are dense with cabling that transmits critical data between onboard and outside management systems. The cabling is hidden in confined spaces like walls, floors, and ceilings.  If they come into contact with sharp edges it can cause wire damage and ultimately short circuits leading to data loss, system failures or fires.  

Rail OEM’s in the past used either PVC edge trim or a glued in nylon grommet.  Both have significant drawbacks: PVC has issues with chlorine off-gassing and FST compliance.  Glued nylon grommets have a long slow application, high re-work rates, higher degradation over time as well as FST compliance issues.  

Spring-Fast SL-FST, however, prevents wire abrasion without any of these issues despite challenging conditions like high vibration, or extreme temperature fluctuations — as proven by its performance in the aviation sector.   

SL -FST has a steel core with castles, or gripping teeth, that angle into the edge creating a gripping force and edge retention without adhesives.  The core is encapsulated with a durable non-flammable thermoplastic, which makes it flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) compliant.  Critically it meets the strict requirements of DIN EN 45545-2 and is qualified for Hazard Levels 2 and 3 – the highest material-technical requirements within the DIN. 

Tunnels are a Particular Fire Risk

Many sections of track run through tunnels, so fire safety requirements are particularly high in Europe,” explains Meike Kurzak, Managing Partner of DTi GmbH. “SL-FST is optimized for low flammability and toxicity which PVC trim and nylon grommets cannot match.  

SL-FST is also a green alternative and contributes to a healthier safer workplace. No adhesives or solvents are used so workers are noexposed to toxic chemicals (VOCs) and odors and don’t need gloves, masks, or extra ventilationThe icing on the cake is that if OEM’s switch from using glued in nylon grommet, SL-FST can save them 49% of install costs. 

“As more and more high-speed lines are built in Europe, these important characteristics explain why it is being increasingly adopted by European rail and transit manufacturers and operators,” Kurzak reports. This award will further our penetration into the EU Rail market”. 

Download the SL-FST Transit & Rail Series datasheet and request free samples here. 

For additional information, contact (North America/Asia) or (EMEA/India/Latin America). 


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