Use Case: Amtrak regional passenger railcar needed Fire Smoke Toxicity (FST) Compliant Railcar Window Seal
Client: A well-known rail OEM that offers design, manufacture, and end-use system integration.
Solution: Seal-Fast Silicone FST Compliant Window Seal – Flexible Around Window Radii

  • The original seal was not FST approved.
  • The original door seal design was difficult to install around challenging radii due to its profile form factor and the relative inflexibility of the material.  This lead to poor fit and water leakage.
  • The client used Seal-Fast™ FST Silicone edge mount bulb door seal.
  • Meets the FST requirements laid out by ASTM.
  • Its flexibility and design form meant it fit snugly around the corner radii of the window and gripped the surface tightly.

  • Easy application with finger pressure with no adhesives
  • Saves time and money with quick assembly
  • Metal substrate gives it “aerospace standard” grip strength
  • 100’s of profiles available
  • Made in the USA

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