Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi), a leader in the design and manufacture of wire protection grommet edging, enclosure/door seals and fiber management components, has published a new white paper that discusses the critical safety implications of regulations covering aircraft wiring protection.

This informative paper addresses the focus on EWIS as an aircraft system and ways to comply with the FAA’s directives on a range of wiring protection actions.

The paper also talks about DTi’s revolutionary Spring-Fast® M22529 anti-chafe edging that provides best in class protection especially when compared to the old traditional nylon-based solutions -and at half the install cost. Nylon edging has no inherent retentive strength and must be adhesive bonded to the airframe which is messy, time-consuming and often results in process rework due to dis-bondment and “egg-shaping” of the grommet.

Click here to open the white paper PDF..

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