FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Device Technologies Introduces the NEW Ground-Fast™ Product Series High Performance Ground-Fast Delivers Grounding & Shielding Effectiveness for Critical Equipment
Southborough, MA – December 2, 2009 – Device Technologies, Inc. today announced the new Ground-Fast product Series, the latest addition to its already successful Spring-Fast Wire Protection Grommet Edging family of products.

The new RoHS compliant Ground-Fast product series is a better, cleaner, and faster way to ground and protect critical electronic equipment and its susceptibility to electromagnetic interference (EMI), as well as EMI emitted by the device itself. Electronic equipment and devices must comply to many electrical regulations and resist unwanted disturbance that affects an electrical circuit due to electromagnetic energy emitted from an external source carrying rapidly changing electrical currents. The disturbance may interrupt, obstruct, or degrade the equipments performance. Increased electronic operating frequencies make EMI more difficult to control.

The Ground-Fast Universal & Continuous Grounding Panel Fastener quickly snaps onto panel edges creating an electrical ground contact between two panels and a resultant shield to protect electronic components from electromagnetic interference. Ground-Fast provides flush surface mounting of panels with excellent grip strength and closure force allowing for fast insertion and removal of lid from panels with thickness ranges from 0.010 (0.254 mm) to 0.051 (1.29 mm). The standard material is stainless steel providing electrical resistivity of 28.4μΩ-in. @ 68°F (72μΩ-cm @ 20°C).

The Ground-Fast Heel & Toe Grounding Clip fastener, grounding system, quickly attaches a lid or cover to a panel creating an electrical ground contact and a resultant shield to protect circuit boards and electronic components from electromagnetic interference. Using a panel with a thickness of 0.060″ (1.52 mm), the Ground-Fast fastener combines a latch and a clip which insert into a 0.180″ (4.57 mm) standard diameter hole. The latch portion of the clip latched into one hole to stabilize the part while the mounting clip is quickly snapped into the opposing hole, where the lid can then be attached to the continuous spring clips to create an electrical ground contact and EMI shield. The heel and toe grounding clip mounts flush to the surface and snaps quickly, allowing for fast attachment and removal of lid from panel. The standard material is stainless steel providing electrical resistivity of 28.4μΩ-in. @ 68°F (72μΩ-cm @ 20°C)

About Device Technologies, Inc. Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi), celebrating its 25th year of solutioneering, has designed, manufactured, and sold specialty fasteners to a broad spectrum of industries since its founder, Hector D. Petri, Technical Director, introduced the patented Spring-Fast® High Performance Grommet Edging in 1984. This product line, and resulting extensions, has grown significantly, serving a broad spectrum of industries including Aerospace, Department of Defense, IT, Computer, Medical, Gaming, HVAC, NASCAR, Semiconductor Manufacturing, and Transportation. This success has enabled the company to provide additional high performance, economical product solutions that include: the Fast-Drop™ Fiber Optic Radius Control Modules to maintain accurate, reliable optic signal transmission; and the Push-Lok™ Printed Circuit Board Standoff product line.

Further, DTi’s Advanced Technology Division (ATD) specializes in fully automated, linear and selective powder coating. This innovative powder coating process is a solution applicable to cable, wire, flat wire, stampings and profile metal formed products encapsulated in a broad range of thermo-plastic and thermo-setting resins. DTi continues to invest in R & D to enhance opportunities for its product and process technologies, in compliance with ISO 9001 and AS 9100 standards. More information is available at the company’s web site, or call (508-229-2000).

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