10/9/2000 – Order business jet market breakthrough for protection against wire chafing and wear

New Orleans, Louisiana (October 9, 2000) – Device Technologies, Inc.’s new Spring-Fast® grommet edging has been selected by Gulfstream Aerospace for use on the company’s business jets, providing a strategic market win for the product that protects wiring from dangerous wear and chafing.

Spring-Fast® is being used on Gulfstream Aerospace aircraft at the company’s completion centers, replacing old-generation nylon grommets that can crack and fall off, leaving wires exposed to sharp-edged metal surfaces.

In a second step, Gulfstream Aerospace will incorporate the grommets on new production aircraft.

The easy-to-install Spring-Fast® composite grommet edging will be installed around structural openings inside the aircraft, cushioning the contact between electrical wiring and the metal airframe.

With the growing concern about aircraft electrical wiring after the TWA Flight 800 and Swissair Flight 111 crashes, the aerospace industry is increasingly turning to Spring-Fast¨ for applications on business, general aviation, military and rotary-wing aircraft.

“The selection of Spring-Fast® by Gulfstream Aerospace is an important entry for us into the high-end business aircraft sector,” DTi President Nicholas Petri said. “It is equally important that Gulfstream Aerospace will use Spring-Fast¨ in both its new-built business jets and in aircraft that are undergoing upgrades, maintenance, repair and overhaul.”

Spring-Fast¨ quickly snaps into place, using only the pressure applied by the installer’s fingers. Once mounted, it remains indefinitely in position. The faster installation time saves hours of work per aircraft.

Spring-Fast® is a composite of polymer encapsulated spring stainless steel enhanced by a sacrificial cushion. It currently is installed on the Bell Boeing 609 tilt rotor, the Fairchild Dornier 382Jet, Mooney Aircraft’s general aviation product line and the Boeing C-17 military airlifter.

The product originally was developed for the electronics industry and is fitted on computers, network switching systems, automatic teller machines and other equipment.

Today, Spring-Fast¨ has been approved by the US Defense Department and Federal Aviation Administration for all aircraft applications.

DTI is based in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA, and operates a 9,000 square-foot Class A manufacturing facility for the production of Spring-Fast®. The ISO 9001:2000-certified company is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, and has established an international sales and support network.

Device Technologies, Inc., is exhibiting at the NBAA: booth 2224

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