Problem: Protecting wiring in cloud-based Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) used in material handling and data collection for warehousing and intralogistics environments. Materials handling robots are dense with cameras, lasers, and sensors – in each robot the wiring had to be protected from at least 2 feet of sharp metal edging.  The two current methods in place had serious issues (see below).
Client: A leading OEM of Industrial Automation and Robotic solutions for Logistics and Material Handling Applications.
Solution: Spring-Fast ® BT Series Grommet Edging

What Had Been Happening?

Method One:    Fiberglass Tape and associated problems

  • Tape could not be applied consistently to the edge.
  • It was practically very difficult to apply to the robot with all the sensors in place.
  • Tape was inconsistently cut: the tape often had to be notch cut in short and intermediate lengths
  • Corners were difficult as cutting variability could lead to exposed edges.
  • The tape had a tendency to release due to temperature and vibration.
  • Frequent rework meant line workers often had to remove the glue with MEK- a powerful solvent.

Method Two:    Nylon grommet and associated problems

  • Thick edge nylon grommets were hard to apply.
  • Applying glue for security was a slow multi-step process.
  • They did not grip well across multiple panel thicknesses.
  • Small lengths were particularly unstable when applied even with glue.
  • PSA grommets, due to embrittlement, tended to fall off over time- leading to lower quality levels.
  • Created inconsistent and poor quality product which often had to be reworked.

Material handling robots

Spring-Fast BT grommet edging was chosen to protect the wiring because it gave:
  • Consistent reliability for improved product quality
  • Conformance flexibility without compromising retention
  • Easy consistent and fast application despite the sensors being in place
  • Fitting to non-straight edges around corners for consistent protection
  • Even small pieces gripped consistently
  • Resistance to temperature changes, vibration, and shock
  • UL94-V0 for flammability
Significant Benefits
  • Solved the problems-abrasion protection, ease of application, and product quality
  • Saved ~49% of total installation costs vs. glued in nylon grommets
  • Increased the specific task productivity by 9.5x (far faster with fewer steps)
  • Best in class grommet edge performance.

Spring-Fast BT Series helped the customer reduce AMR costs, while also improving throughput, efficiency, and productivity.

Product Detail
  • Steel substrate encapsulated with fusion bonded nylon for abrasion resistance
  • The steel core is designed with castles, or gripping teeth, that angle into the edge creating a gripping force and edge retention without adhesives.
  • Tested to aerospace standards for conformance and retention
  • No tapes, glues, or PSA that might require HazMat warnings, could degrade and or cause product quality problems.

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