Grommet Application Use Case #101

Use Case:           Food processing – Industrial Cooking Equipment – Commercial Fryer

Client:                  A major OEM of food processing equipment

Solution:             Spring-Fast AP Series Grommet Edging –Green Epoxy Coated AP3MA-EC06


  • The power & temperature control wires in the fryer were chafing against sharp metal edges as they ran from the front-end user controls to the internal control electronics.
  • Nylon or polyethylene grommets with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) linings failed in normal operation testing as the heat separated the adhesive lining and the grommet strip from the panel edge.
  • Nylon grommets did not meet the UL RTI (relative temperature index) operational requirement.
  • Thermoplastic nylon or polyethylene tended to flow/deform/melt as the fryer temperature rose.



Replace the PE/nylon with Spring-Fast AP Series Grommet Edging -Green Epoxy Coated Stainless Steel

  1. Fast easy application with simple finger pressure without adhesives
  2. Solved the chafing problem quickly and easily
  3. The green epoxy is a thermoset plastic that does not deform/flow/melt in the fryer temperature range.
  4. Met the stringent UL RTI requirements –namely UL746B, at an RTI up to 105°C (220°F)
  5. Strong edge retention – tested to aerospace standards for mechanical shock and vibration.



–   Solved the problems/met their needs
–   Saved 49% of total installation costs
–   Best in class performance.
–   Increased overall job productivity by 9.5x



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