Customer and worker safety have become a top priority this year. It's important as people will not go where they do not feel safe or protected.  Businesses are reacting by adding protection screen sneeze guards – also known as splash shields – to workplaces as a proactive way to protect customers and employees.

Protection screen sneeze guards are usually an acrylic (a.k.a the brand Plexiglas) screen. Until this health crisis they were probably best  known  for their use in preventing food contamination in supermarkets and restaurants.  Visualize the plastic shields over salad bars that make it tricky to reach the arugula. Fast forward to today and they can now be seen virtually everywhere as a simple safety mechanism.

Acrylic is used because it is durable, lightweight, and more impact resistant than glass while still providing good optical qualities i.e. it can be seen through.  Plus they can be easily sanitized and many facilitate easy removal and replacement.

There are now many variants on the market: portable, on wheels, adjustable, folding, collapsible, hanging, counter/tabletop, floor standing and wall mounted.  However they generally have a sharp edge problem.

The Sharp Edge Problem with Protection Screens

The problem is that acrylic -depending on the way it's cut or any finishing- can have very sharp edges much like glass which can be a safety hazard for employees and customers.

Businesses scrambled to put solutions in place quickly, however in that haste we have seen many examples of retails stores and offices who put together their own solutions. These solutions range in sophistication: some attempt to solve the edge issue by applying duct tape to the sharp edges while others do nothing at all.  It goes without saying that no protection is asking for trouble.  Duct tape will provide some protection but will clearly wear, look very low quality and likely contravene fire safety laws.

Many videos online show how to make a DIY sneeze guard which many retail stores and offices have done.  Below is a screen shot from a 2 minute Ace Hardware video.  Note how sharp those edges are.  Also on the right is an image from a local supermarket that applied tape to the edges on the screens at the checkouts, customer service desk, bakery and deli sections — anywhere there are face to face interactions.~ 20 locations in this store.

DIY Sneeze Guards



The Sharp Edge Solution for Protection Screen Sneeze Guards

DTi manufactures leading products that are used to protect wiring from sharp edges in two key forms: grommet edging, and trim. DTi has two possible cost effective solutions: Spring-Fast® SL Series low profile grommet edging   or Trim-Fast™  S series PVC. These can be used very effectively on the sharp edges that protection screens/sneeze guards and offer several other benefits:

  • Fast and simple application with finger pressure.
  • Once applied they can be removed and reapplied without loss of edge grip.
  • Will fit and grip around small radii inner and outer corners.


Both solutions offer improved safety and a quality finish.

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