It’s Super Bowl weekend and many sports fans are placing bets on The Rams vs. The Bengals.  May the best team win.

Gambling is fine for sporting events but if you are in an industrial arena that uses high-tech electronics or has critical equipment that needs to perform,  you cannot afford to gamble on wire protection and safety.

Instead, make your “bet” on a sure thing- a Flush.   Spring-Fast® Flush Mount (FM) Wire Protection Grommet Edging.
One side is flush for it to fit into tight spaces.

The FM Series is used in many industries – including gambling.  It protects a wide variety of gaming machine consoles -a.k.a. slots- and is very likely being used in any casino you go into.

Slot Machine Wire Protection

The slot machine cabinets in casinos today have a wide array of light and sound effects. All of which has to be powered by extensive wiring that has to be protected from abrasion and its possible dangerous after effects.

Slot machines are usually divided into two groups, Class II and Class III that are subject to different and complex regulatory constraints.  However broadly, class 3 slot machines come under greater scrutiny than Class 2 because they have far more features -some would say complexity- that necessitate greater amounts of wiring.

The Risk of Poor Wire Protection

Fire and smoke are extremely dangerous in the busy public settings where you find slot machines.  A cabinet fire is a serious risk to staff and gamblers, and the aftermath inevitably creates liability issues and regulatory inspections plus of course it stops revenue from being generated.

Spring-Fast FM Series

DTi engineers designed the FM Series with a deliberately low profile: one side has a traditional castle and the other a flat profile that mounts flush to a parallel edge surface.   This greatly reduces the chances of abrasion damage caused by wires, cables, or hoses snagging.  The design ensures that it maintains the gripping strength, multi-axis flexibility, and abrasion protection needed to protect the wiring and equipment.



  • Fusion-bonded polyamide encapsulation on a stainless steel substrate
  • Snaps on fast with finger pressure
  • Installs continuously with multi-axis conformity
  • Self-locking with strong retention – no adhesives
  • Easy to apply/reapply without performance loss.
  • Simpler install: no adhesive, fixturing, curing, clean up, or OSHA concerns
  • Maintenance is far easier due to its ease of application, use, and removal
  • The low profile .028 (.7 mm) / 4 axis flexibility for small inside, outside radii, and corners
  • Customization available (with/without encapsulation + lengths, colors, and print)

FM Series Qualifications

  • The grip strength meets the Shock and Vibration requirements of MIL-STD-1344
  • The encapsulation‘s high dielectric strength gives it abrasion, immersion, chemical & salt spray resistance.
  • UL 94 & UL 22 compliant – two flammability standards for slot machines related to flame smoke & toxicity (FST)
  • UL 94 indicates the material’s tendency to extinguish or spread the flame once the material has been ignited.
  • UL 22 covers electric, commercial gaming machines used within the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70. UL 22-16 Internal Wiring, UL 22-30 Protection against fire risk, electric shock, or injury to persons, UL 22-30.2 Sharp edges, UL 22-30.4 Protection of maintenance and service personnel.
Extra Use as a Versatile Fastener

It is available without encapsulation and can act as a grounding strip for continuity, as a fastener to hold conductive fabrics onto items like a metalized chassis for EMI shielding, and also as an edge trim grommet in high heat applications.

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Bet on the Flush       

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